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Birding Apps

Bird Finding

BirdsEye *****
Birding finding app using live data from eBird

BirdsEye Texas OS ****

Birding finding app using live data from eBird sponsored by the Texas Ornithological Society. Limited to those birds on the Texas State List. FREE APP

BirdsEye Friends of Anahuac NWR ****

Birding finding app using live data from eBird sponsored by the Friends of Anahuac NWR. Limited to those birds recorded in Chambers County, TX. FREE APP

Hotspots ****
Guides you to nearby eBird hotspots, lists recent birds from that hotspots, and links to device navigation to get you there

Birder ***

This app uses eBird to show you recent nearby sightings and stores records and maps your sightings on your device

Birds Near Me ****

Locates the birds reported to eBird and eBird hotspots located near me. Uses photographs from Flickr and recordings from Z

Xeno-Canto for identification. FREE APP

Data Collecting

eBird *****
Enter your sightings directly into eBird from the field. FREE APP

Birdwatcher's Diary ***

Enter your sightings directly into eBird from the field, map sightings, and share via social media.

My Bird Observations ***
Record your sightings and create and export file that can be uploaded to ebird. Has a nifty alert when you enter a life bird.

Audbon's Hummingbird Home ***

National Audubon Society's app for tracking and surveying the hummingbirds you have at your home.

Big Year Birding ***

Log your bird sightings to your device and display on a map. Can create eBird upload files.

Field Guides

Sibley eGuide to the Birds of North America *****
North American Field Guide

Audubon Guides ***

North American Field Guide

iBird ***

Field Guide for North American, Canada, UK, Ireland. Several different versions are available.

Peterson Guides ***
Field Guide for North American.

National Geographic Birds ****
Field Guide for North American.

The Warbler Guide ****

Field Guide North American Warblers.

Hawkwatch International Raptor ID ****

Field Guide North American Raptors

BirdFace ***
Displays a set of mnemonic faces of birds faces for ID, useful for sparrows, warblers, woodpeckers, etc.

Recording Collections

Birdtunes *****
Collections of most North American Species recordiings

Aves Vox ****

Tool for downloading and organizting recordings from

BirdSounds Costa Rica
Collection of more than 2000 tracks and 764 species of Costa Rican Birds. A free lite version is available.

Identification Tools

BirdSnap *****
Identifies birds from a photo. FREE APP

Merlin ****

Engine for suggesting and ID for a bird. FREE APP

BirdSongID ***

Identifies a call or song of a bird from a recordings.

Larkwire *****

Learn to identify bird calls by a game and grills.

Birdeez ***

Tool for guiding bird identification by using  the birds shape, size and color. Log sighitngs to your device and share them.

International Field Guides

All Birds Ecuador ****

Field Guide for Ecuador based on the Birds of South America

The Collins Guide *****

Field Guide for the UK and Europe.

Birds of Peru
Field Guide for Peru based on the Princeton University Press field guide.

All Birds Northern Peru

Field guide based on the Helms Guide "Birds of Northern South America"

Costa Rica Birds Field Guide

Field guide to Costa Rica including photos, range maps, calls, field marks, and habitat

Newman's Birds of Southern Africa

Based on the field guide "Newman's Birds of Southern Africa. Includes photos and recordings, covers 975 species and 800 bird calls. A free lite version is available

Sasol eBird of Southern Africa

Based on the field guide "Sasol Birds of Southern Africa" . An in app purchase can be made for an additional 2800 photos of 833 species. A free lite version is available.

Michael Morcombe eGuide to Austrlian Birds

Based on the field guide "Michael Morcrombe Field Guide to Austrialian Birds". 790 species and 3000 photos are included. 1800 sound recordings. A free light version is available.

Other Useful Tools

Count Circle ***
App for showing where you are in a Christmas Count Circle

Flexible Counter ****

Multiple Clicker Counter

MapMyHike ****

Map and measure the distance you travel on foot.

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