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I love to do programs and have several programs ready to go. I have ready to go programs for local bird clubs up to a festival keynote talk. Usually I do not charge for local bird clubs and I am willing to speak at festivals for expenses. Contact me to request a program

A Great State of Texas Big Year

A Travelogue of 45,000 miles of birding and 504 species of birds in 2017 in Texas. Mysterious benefactors, epic hikes, poison oak, and blown out knees. Its all in a Great State of Texas Big Year

A Bird in the Hand - Smart Phone Apps for the Birder

Smart phones have changed our lives and they are having a big impact on birding too. This program is an overview of the data collecting, field guides, sound collections, and site guides available for birders. Continually updated.

Birds of Belize

About the size of Massachusetts Belize is Central America's only English speaking country. With an impressive list of 590 species of birds recorded for Belize this small country punches way above its weight. 

Allow Me to Get Technical

Don't be scared, using eBird and getting the most out it and the BirdEye app isn't a technical nightmare. Learn what eBird has for you and how to get more out of birding by using it. 

One of a Kind - Monotypic Families of Birds

Monotypic families are those families of birds represented by only a single species. By definition these birds are some of the most unique and exotic species in the world. There is something compelling about a bird that doesn’t fit into a group with others, that is alone in a way, that is evolutionarily district. Find out how many of the 33 Monotypic Families you have seen!

The Dirty Dozen

Texas has more than 490 regularly occurring birds. Just because they are regular doesn't mean they are easy to find. We'll discuss the "Dirty Dozen", the 12 most difficult to find as a result of a recent poll and thoughts on how you might be able to find them.

Birding at Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge

Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge in Chambers County east of Houston is a birdy place. More than 330 species have been reported to eBird from the refuge. This is a set of seasonal programs focuing on what birds you can expect to see at Anahauc National Wildlife Refuge,

Beyond the Camera, Getting Started Recording Birds

Thousands of bird photos are taken everyday, but the rich and fascinating world of bird audio goes largely undocumented. Many regional variations of bird vocalizations have never been recorded and documented. Amateurs can make significant recordings of birds. You can spend thousands on a quality camera and lens, but for a modest investment you can make high quality audio recordings. We'll walk through what it takes to make quality recordings starting with just your smart phone, adding external microphones, and professional quality gear. 

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